Documents with/without content approval within a DocumentSet


  • All,

    I have a document set and different kinds of content types that can be created inside of it.
    Example: content type 'procedure' and content type 'general document'.

    I would like that when a document with content type 'procedure' is created and ready to publish: when clicking on 'publish' my approval workflow starts and when approved - update to major version.
    But, on the other hand I want that when I create a document using content type 'general document', no content approval is needed - so no approval workflow starts.

    It is very important for a document with CT procedure, that it is first approved before it is published; and that after the last approver in the approval workflow, the document is published and no draft anymore.


    • I cannot turn off content approval and apply my workflow only to CT procedure: then when the WF runs and finishes, the document is still a minor version
    • I cannot turn on content approval and apply my workflow only to CT procedure: then there is still a flow needed for the other content types

    Does anyone maybe know a feasible not too difficult solution to this problem? Is there any way around it? I am working with SharePoint designer for my workflows.

    I've tried putting this in already, but didn't seem to be working:

    I am not sure what to put in my 'else' to skip the WF when it is a different content type.


    Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:24 PM