Is it possible to connect content types to views in document libraries? (to filter templates based on views)


  • Hello,

    I have the following scenario: Build a project site, the project is divided into several phases. For simplicity lets say we have an planning and execution. Now, let us say that in both phases, we have 5 document templates, for a total of 10 documents. All these have their own content type. What I want to do is to have all these templates selectable from one document library, but is there a way to divide them into the two phases? My initial thought was that I could create two views, one for the Planning phase and one for the execution phase, and then only show the relevant templates, but I do not believe this can be done. So is there a way that I can filter out the some of the content types based on an setting? 

    To illustrate with an practical example. I am in the first phase of the project, I want to create a new document, I press the New button in the library and then only the first five document templates show up. On a later stage, I am in the Execution phase, now I only want to show the 5 other templates that are related to the Execution phase. 

    One solution that can work is of course to have two different libraries, but some of the documents do "live" within several phases. So one document from the planning phase then needs to be moved to the "execution" phase library, and I have not found a easy way to do this as an end user. The "send to" button is not very user friendly, as you need to know the URL to the library, and it cannot be selected... Also I belie that the document will only be a copy ? One could always use an workflow or the new "microsoft flow" but I would rather avoid that if there is another easy way. 

    Tuesday, November 8, 2016 2:51 PM