Server 2008 and Backing Up


  • Hi, I have a few questions if anyone here can shed some light for me. I'm not the most technical minded person but from a friends advice I purchases a server for use at home. I have 5 home computers/laptops and he thought this would be best for backups and accessing shared files etc. He is away at the moment so can't help with my current issues.

    Basically I have the server set up running 2008 R2, I am able to access the server on the network with one laptop so far (not tested others), I managed to share a folder and have both read and right access to this folder from my laptop. I understand that only windows professional/ultimate computers are able to perform network backups, only one of my machines is professional (current one that can connect to shared folder) and the others are home/premium editions. 

    Do I have any other options available for network backup like using a domain etc?

    Sunday, April 27, 2014 12:40 PM