If you can check the status of your internet connetion how do you check the connection for computers on your local Network RRS feed

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  • I pray that no one bashes this Ideas head in, because I thnk it has posibilites  of making networking easier within in small business and in your own home.  If you can check the status of your internet connetion how do you check the connection on your local Network, I know about the PING Tracert  and the NET command from the Command Prompt but I was think if you can use the do  a view Status Check with your  local internet Icon for your internet connection when and are able to use the diagnose why the connection cant be made why cant you do the same for connections on a private local Network so you can see why your are not able to connect to the other computers in your home alot eaiser if you had a status check prompt on the drop down menu so in you network connections that would tell would automatically repair the connection for you


    So that it wouldn't give you alot of technical jargon and think it takes you 3 or 4 day of down time to figure it out, or have to call for technical supportanothder waste of time and more downtime, I think by adding a menu command on each computer you can see like the STATUS comand on the network would make fixing any problems that you have of dont know about easier to do and the status command would at least tell you what is worng and what needs to be repaired or can be done to resolve any issues that your are not aware about in the first place, or that might make you lose the connection in the first and help the average user so they can fit it themselves.



    I think its becoming a real sales scam to users that are just starting out learning network to make it too hard for them to figure it out. Its just another microsoft scam to sell its users more tech support and software product that they really cant afford and dont need in the first place.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 3:06 PM