Is there an RMS SDK sample that shows how to encrypt a word file


  • It may be that I am just being dense, but the RMS SDK samples just aren't showing me the basic path I wanted to see. Is there a sample that takes as input a MS word document, applies a template, and replaces the file with an RMS enables word document?  

    Seems easy enough, but after playing with the consumption.exe sample by figuring out how to build the manifest and successfully getting the environment so that consumption.exe will run, I find the program never really opens anything or writes anything out. It simply takes some phrase and encrypts followed by a decrypt.  


    So, can anyone provide a basic example flow of this?





    Saturday, February 04, 2012 5:14 AM


  • Check this out :

    Protecting a Word document is not just a matter of encrypting but also creating a protected file that word can then open and decrypt. The protectors from the link above help in that. They also have a document that describe how they work. In short, your AD RMS application calls into these protectors ( methods like HrProtectRMS, HrUnProtectRMS etc. ).   The protector in turn calls back on interface(s) that you pass in when calling the protector methods.  These calls serve the following purpose : 

    1) While Protecting : These calls let you encrypt content passed in by the protector , convey the publishing license to the protector which is then stored inside the Word document , convey the owner's use license to the protector which is also stored inside the document. 

    2) While unprotecting : These calls let you  decrypt content and let the protector pass you the publishing license and the use license it reads from the protected document. 

    In essence the protectors deal with the format/structure of protected/unprotected office documents and you application that calls into those protectors deals with the encryption/decryption, handing of licenses, requesting new use licenses etc.

    Hope this gets you started.

    Thursday, March 08, 2012 4:26 AM