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    Let me say at the outset that I've done EVERYTHING possible to resolve this issue. Checked for Malware, file replacement, checked disc, cleaned completely...and maybe too much as the problem arose after using a registry cleaner I have since deleted. I've sought help from all avenues online. Came across some similar issues but their solutions were not MY solution. Even attempted a System Restore a couple of times...though it would never 'take'.

    When I click on my Favorites in IE8 the drop down menu shows ALL of my Favorites by description as to what they are BUT when you click on them...nothing. And ALL icons of each Favorite has been replaced by the icon you get when no file is detected.
    As a rule I keep backups of my Favorites, Pics, Music and Documents on a seperate external drive who's sole purpose is just for these backups. I update them weekly and keep only the last 2 weeks worth. Now, when I plug a laptop (Windows 7 with IE9) into the external drive all of my favorites are intact as you would expect them to be and function normally. BUT when I plug the external drive into my PC the Favorites look just like they did previously (z'd out with no URL's, just a description of each).
    Yep it's a real head scratcher indeed!

    I'm not a techy but I know enough that something was removed during the registry cleaning that allows for these Favorites to be read properly and everything attempted has done nothing.

    I've read and attempted solutions from 'similar' problems related on this forum already. Most deal with Favorites that are missing altogether or misplaced and need reassigning but nothing of this EXACT nature.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 2:49 AM

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  • Hi,

    Since you have the Favorites backup in an external drive, we can try importing them as a test:

    How to import and export the Internet Explorer Favorites folder to a 32-bit version of Windows


    If it still cannot work, we can try locating the Favorites folder under your user profile folder and manually replace the Favorites files.



    TechNet Community Support

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 4:52 AM