• Hello.

    I have installed Windows 7 with MDT 2012. Everything works. Also i have NAS (QNAP) in my LAN. There is Share Folder in NAS. People can create network drive on their PCs and use Share.

    Problem. I can't create connection to network drive only in Windows, which was installed by MDT.

    In NAS logs  it writes "Connection OK". In Windows 7 "Unable to map network drive because of this error. The specified server can not perform the requested operation" (in original language " Не удалось выполнить сопоставление сетевого диска из-за следующей ошибки. Указанный сервер не может выполнить требуемую операцию")

    I tried to use different WIM files, 2 licence DVDs from Microsoft.

    I tried to connect from Domain account and from local

    I verified all Network Services in Windows.

    It seems user had some limitations.

    Please help.

    It is a last problem of deployment. Everything other works fine...

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    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:57 AM

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  • Can you follow the steps below to test? If it works then you can sort out a GPO or local policy to apply it during deployment.

    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy

    Local Policies > Security Options

    Policy: Network security: LAN Manager authentication level

    Set:   Send LM & NTLM responses

    Policy: Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
    Set:   Disable Require 128-bit encryption

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 9:04 AM
  • Ok. I'll reinstall on VM and will try with Local Security Policy. Then I'll give the answer

    Can you follow the steps below to test? - What does it mean? Where can i find these steps/test?


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  • By "the steps" I am just meaning the sequence of actions to enable the policies, sorry, it could have been worded better :)
    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 9:22 AM
  • In "task sequense" I skipped "Apply Local GPO Package" and it solved my problem. Thx for responses.

    One more question. Why do I need create refference copy of Window, then capture it, and then dublicate to targget PC.
    Why I can not install refference Windows right to Target PC.
    Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:12 PM
  • you can use the install media as your image but it will be slower then when you make a reference image which includes all the windows updates and applications etc.

    because the updates are already in the image it won't have to download the updates and install them again which saves a lot of time if you have to install a lot of computers.

    Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:21 PM
  • Because you can include your business customisations directly rather than having to configure each machine individually at deploy time. You can also include applications in your base image and potentially save a considerable amount of installation time when you are rebuilding machines. This also goes for Windows patches, you can have your base image fully up to date before it touches a users desk without having to download every patch individually.


    That’s a few reasons off the top of my head, they may or may not be applicable to your particular scenario, but I can say one thing for sure, and that is that we are considerably better off in regards to time and consistency by capturing and deploying a custom image rather than deploying an unmodified OS image.

    Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:22 PM
  • Thx all for informative responses. It is clear for me.
    Friday, June 15, 2012 6:13 AM