Using UDI During OS Environment RRS feed

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  • This may seem (hopefully :-) ) an easy question but I am trying to launch a UDI Screen within the OS environment to kick off a rebuild but seem to be running into issues.

    Essentially I have a UDI Screen which can be inputted with a Machine name environment and location. They have very specific machine names so pulling on WMI for machine name etc is out of the question

    This works like a dream when launched in WinPE and everything is fine.

    The requirement has not arose from the client but I thought as an added extra if the TS was launched in the OS environment that rather than it reboot to WinPE and launch the UDI that I would try to launch it during the OS for the details to be inputted.

    This was mainly to get around a scenario of a remote rebuild.

    I have setup the TS etc but when it launches the UDI screen its completely blank????

    I cant find anything to suggest you cant use UDI in the OS so unless im missing something perhaps im missing a trick???

    Answers on a post card :)


    Wednesday, February 11, 2015 9:40 AM