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  • hi guys,

    deployment is OCS 2007 r2 with latest CU, receptionist client is Attendant with latest patch (March 2011).

    I've created test user and assigned to test RGS.
    Its Group consist of this test user only (define custom group of agents),
    policies are set to Informal, agent alert time 15s, routing method Parallel.
    Queue consists of only this group, Time Out is set to 20s, Forward to SIP URI. No overflow.

    When the test RGS is called (testing internally, from Communicator), call toast appears on agent's Attendant almost instantly.
    I expected the call to be forwarded after 20s (time out defined), but it's fwded after around 30s.
    Why is that?

    When I had time-out set to 20s, and agent alert time also for 20s, call was forwarded after 40s!
    Can you explain how this suppose to work, I can't figure out logic in this.

    When I open help during RGS configuration, it states following:

    Agent alert time (seconds)

    Specifies how long to ring an agent before offering the call to the next available agent.

    If the group is configured for parallel routing, the call will be offered to the next available agent in the next group in the queue (that is, if there is another group assigned to the queue) if the agent does not accept the call in the specified time period.


    On the Time Out tab, you can send the caller to another destination if the system cannot connect the caller to an available agent in the specified time period.

    Time out period (seconds)

    Specifies the period of time that callers can stay on hold before they are forwarded to another destination.


    Friday, April 8, 2011 7:58 AM

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