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  • I have finally discovered Windows Steady State.  It is a very handy little tool that I knew nothing of for the longest time.


    Currently I am on a development team that is building a Windows XP image for use with both an Active Directory environment and for local use as well.


    What I require this XP image to do is to allow domain users to work online, connect to a VPN, have internet access, etc.  The VPN is already setup for internet access and all that good stuff.  I restrict the users to a specific set of websites through a proxy server, this also helps with minimizing internet access while working off the VPN.


    I also require a local "installer" account on these PCs for use for software and hardware installation.

    Local accounts cannot access the internet or any other network capabilities due to security concerns.

    Would Windows Steady State be the tool to help with this?


    And with domain level policies, would they overwrite permanently the local accounts granting the installer account more access then it should have?


    Friday, February 22, 2008 2:59 PM


  • Hi,


    From the post, I understand that you would like to know if Windows SteadyState can allow VPN, Internet connection and install programs for domain users while limits internet access for local accounts.


    Please understand that SteadyState is designed for environment without proxy server. From your description, it seems your network already has a proxy server configured. The proxy server filters some websites. However, the Internet is still accessible without the proxy server, thus the proxy server filter can be bypassed. Thus, Windows SteadyState is not able to limit local accounts from accessing the Internet.


    For domain users, we can apply the “Proxy Settings” group policy to set the correct proxy server so that internet access is allowed for defined sites. As this policy will only apply to domain users, it will not affect local user’s settings.


    Another thread related that you may have interest:



    If you have any other questions, please also let me know.


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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:04 AM