Inconsistency in how Project uses Work values in calculations of the task Status vs %Work Complete and % Complete RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    Please explain inconsistency in Project calculation of the task's planned Work and % Work when a resource's actual work exceeds its planned work.

    Here is a scenario:

    • Task A, non-effort-driven, fixed duration  
    • Duration: 5d
    • There are two resources John and Tom assigned to this task at their max. capacity: 100% and 50% respectively that both work 12h per work day.

    After both resources are assigned to the task, Project calculates:
         a). Task calculates Work for each resource as Work = Duration * Units. For John 5d*100%=40h and
              for Tom= 5d * 50%= 20h
         b). The total task Work = 40 + 20 = 60h

    Then I enter actual work of 50h for resource John.

     Project does the following:

    1. Calculates the task actual work as a sum of work values of all assigned resources.
      In this case it's 50h for John +0h for Tom = 50h
    2. Calculates task actual duration as  task actual work / total assigned units = 50h /150%=4.17d
    3. Copies actual work  for John into his planned work (Work) field
    4. Calculates the task new planned work as a sum of work values of all assigned resources.
      In this case it's 50h for John +20h for Tom = 70h
    5. Calculates the longest driving resource duration to be a new planned task duration. In this case John is a driving resource and the Duration = Work (John) / Units (John) = 50h/100%/8h= 6.25d
    6. Calculates task’s % Work Complete as task Actual work / task Planned work = 50h/ 70h=71%, where planned work  is NEW updated of 70h !!!
    7. Calculates % Complete = Task actual duration/ task planned duration=4.17d/ 6.25= 67%, where planned duration is a NEW updated duration re-calculated based on the actual work performed by John.
    8. Then Project uses the original task planned work value of 60h to update the task Status field. As the task ‘s actual work of 50h is grater 48h (planned work – total peak per day or  60h -12h),  Project displayers  task status On Schedule.

    My question is, why does Project use original planned work value of 60h to calculate the task status, while using updated work value of 70h to calculate %Work Complete. Shouldn’t  Project be consistent in its calculations?

    Thank you,


    Thursday, May 26, 2016 12:59 AM