optimizing performance for 3 VM on a hyper-v host- NUMA


  • We want to optimize performance for 3 VM on a 2012 hyper-v host

    Currently we have a Dell PE R710   E7520 -- 2 CPU quad core; 128 GB RAM

    All three VMs have NUMA configured.

    VM7 - processors-8, numa nodes 1, sockets 1

    VM8 - processors-8, numa nodes 1, sockets 1

    VM9 -processors-16, numa nodes 2, sockets 2

    VM9 is so busy we cannot log onto it. (SCCM DP role)

    %hyper-v logical processor>>%runtime is over 90%.

    It appears the VM9 is overwhelmed while VM8 and VM7 seem okay.

    Any recommendations on NUMA or else something else to help out this hyper-v host and VMs.


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  • Hi Sir,

    "For example, if a host has 16 cores and 64 GB divided evenly between two NUMA nodes with two NUMA nodes per physical processor socket, then a virtual machine that is created on the host with 16 virtual processors will have the maximum number of processors per node setting set to eight, maximum nodes per socket set to two, and maximum memory per node set to 32 GB."

    Hope it is helpful to you .

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  • VM9 will appear extremely busy as you have allocated more virtual cores than you have physical cores in the host, this is BAD!

    Your NUMA topology should be 2 NUMA nodes, 4 vCPU per node - giving you a maximum of 8 useable cores per VM.

    Realistically on a setup of this size you should just leave NUMA alone and let the host decide on the best topology.

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