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  • I have 2 Synology DiskStation NAS's (OS DSM 6.2, 'nix-ish) with various shared folders configured on them.
    One of the NAS's serves as Active Directory controller.
    The file sharing on the NAS's is done via SMB, min. ver. 2, max. ver. 3.
    SMB Opportunistick Locks are enabled, although afaik they relate to local file caching and not directly to file locking.
    I have added in the smb.conf files on both DSs' the kernel oplocks=yes 

    The network comprises of Windows 7 Pro and 10 Pro workstations.
    On these workstations the NAS shares are mapped and authenticated with the above mentioned Active Directory users.

    What I am trying to get done is this:

    Once a file from these shared folders is open by a user, any other user from any other computer should NOT be able to open that same file until that file is closed. 
    So far it seems to work only with some .xls* files, but it does not work when one tries to open a Sony Vegas project file. And that creates occasionally some chaos among the users.

    The files are generally Sony Vegas Project files.

    How could I go about achieving this file locking with Windows? Or any other approach.

    If you may find this issue not related to Windows problems, please point me towards the better category

    Thank you

    Monday, June 25, 2018 2:22 PM

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  • Hi,

    You may need to ask third-party application or contact the Sony support to see if any solution. Since .xls this feature is built-in Microsoft Office program feature. That's not the Windows level feature.

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    Tuesday, June 26, 2018 6:43 AM