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  • Hi,

    I have 2 sites in the business I manage the IT for. We have 2 Windows XP EPOS tills, 2 Windows 7 PCs and a Windows 10 PC.
    I wanted to make a database which I can access from any PC at the same time without getting conflicts.
    I have tried several solutions but can not find a suitable one.
    I have tried VPN but can not get that to work.
    Is there a simple solution to my problem?


    Steven Camilleri.

    Thursday, September 17, 2015 3:45 PM


  • Hi Steven,

    A Few question come into mind that you need to ask yourself to better see what you really need.

    For what usage would you like the database ?

    Is it just for managment  (keeping simple track of machines) or purely buisness dependant, as in what happens if the db isnt available ? will your services stop completly ?

    Do you want it for live data that can be entered in one site and seen immdiatly in the second site , or are you ok with a delay between ? how long of a delay ?

    Would you want the update option to be viable from both sides ? as in site one updates, site two sees. Site two updates, site one sees?  is there any chance both sites can update at same time ?

    What type of connection do you have between the two sites ? your own network ? Slow ? Fast ? via internet ? VPN is just a means to connect from one site to the other but has nothing to do with databases. You should probably take the VPN issue to the appropriate windows forum.

    Do you insist on on-site database as in your servers\computers so the data is in your disks or a solution that involves an external database provider that will hold the data at their side ? Same as there are Website Hosting vendors, they will usually offer a database option, naturally theres a payment involved per the size and traffic but its less things to manage and backup for example, not to mention redundency of the data if someting happens (depending again on how important is the availability of the data to the on-going operaitons of your sites). To that extent, you can also get something on the Azure cloud / other clouds but i havent looked too much into whats being offerd.

    If you want the database to be in your computers so that data is not kept outside of your sites, there are free database engines (MSSQL Express and other non-MS ones) that arent hard to install and setup but it will require you to have some knowledge in them.

    I know thats a lot of questions but i hope you can follow the thought process that will help you better choose the right path.

    Arie H.

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