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  • I have successfully mapped my online SharePoint account to a network drive. From this network drive, I can upload files to SharePoint, check in/out documents, and edit files on SharePoint. However, when I try to download files from SharePoint directly, it does not link up with my network drive. Thus, if i wish to update any documents from SharePoint, I need to save a local copy and re-upload. Why does SharePoint allow me to check in/out docs, and edit docs via my network drive, but not from the online site? 
    Wednesday, May 20, 2015 5:31 PM


  • so first things first...

    1. SharePoint files are accessed as a URL... http://sharepointsite/site/subsite/doclib/subfolder/file.txt... your mapped drive has a completely different format... Z:\subfolder\file.txt.... and your BROWSER has no knowledge whatsoever if the two are related or not... so clicking a file in SharePoint will never tell a program to "link up" with your network drive.

    2. files accessed directly from SharePoint (using the URL format) attempt to do so using "WebDAV"... Windows has included a WebDAV client for the last several versions... if it is working correctly, you should have no problem clicking a file in SharePoint, opening it in ANY program (notepad, as an example, since it's effectively 20 years old and completely clueless of 'SharePoint')... but the program relies on that WebDAV component being available and functioning correctly... this is usually where the problem lies... usually it's a matter of making sure that authentication works.

    Scott Brickey
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    Wednesday, May 20, 2015 7:04 PM