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  • I hope I selected the correct forum.  I am running Vista; it came with the computer August 2009.  I just checked my harddrive and it said I was using over 70 GB.  There is no way I have that much information on this laptop even with the videos that are now missing.  I also checked the security of my harddrive and it says I have allowed access to my List folder content and special permissions to a TrustedInstaller.  I have no idea who that it is.  It also will not allow me to change these settings.  The only installed program recently was Google Earth.  Was that a mistake?  ugh!!!  I considered uninstalling it but do not want to lose these media files if I can find them.

    I have a lot of pictures of my 1 year old from the past year that are missing as well as most of my videos.

    I read through several of the questions and answers and was unable to locate any help for my particular problem.  I see where it is necessary to unhide the AppData/Roaming file which I did.  I can search on the C drive and see the mentioned shortcut files that refer to the original file and I can see them in the AppData file but when I click on the shortcut I get the error message: 

    • The item 'XYZ' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.  Do you want to delete this shortcut?

    All of the other shortcuts that refer to my documents or other files allow me access when I click the shortcut from AppData\Roaming.  I did not move any files.  I did not delete them.  They are not in the recycle bin and I cannot find them.  Please someone help me as I cannot lose all of those pictures and videos.  They have to be here somewhere.  I am not computer savvy but I am not afraid to try.  Please, anyone?

    Thursday, August 19, 2010 1:44 AM