Removing access to "PC Settings" Modern UI app (but allow Control Panel access)


  • Hi all,

    I have just deployed Windows 8.1 Pro to a  number of machines and am having an issue with the "PC Settings" Modern UI app - this allows users to modify local users (i.e. create new local users, modify existing local users) and play with settings that they shouldn't be messing with! This happens even when though the "Show only specified Control Panel items" policy setting has been configured (which works correctly with the classic Control Panel).

    The only way I can get this blocked is by enabling the "Prohibit access to Control Panel and PC Settings" policy setting; however, this also blocks access to Control Panel, which is required for users to access keyboard, mouse and printer settings.

    Is there any way to block access to the "PC Settings" Modern UI app? (I have already removed all Modern Apps (and provisioned apps) possible by using the usual PowerShell cmdlets).

    The users need to be able to add/remove printers and modify keyboard settings (nothing else), hence minimal Control Panel functionality is essential. I need to be able to block all settings being accessed from the PC Settings Modern UI app though!

    Has anyone got any ideas?



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