USMT 5.0, KnownFolderIDs support RRS feed

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  • Starting to build our customized migdocs config xml, and I am finding that USMT doesn't seem to support the Known Folder IDs, although this blog post seems to indicate that it should fully support them.

    USMT now supports all of the KNOWNFOLDERID types now. Previously some (such as FOLDERID_Links) were not and required some hacking.

    Looking through scanstate logs, and it appears that the only Known Folder ID that it is supported is the Downloads folder. This is also the only folder that I've seen used in other forum posts. We can use hardcoded paths or (hopefully) CSIDL references, but would like to use KnownFolderID's as they are the replacement for CSIDL, and should be supported.

    This is an example of my usage in the MigDocs.xml:

    <pattern type="File">%FOLDERID_ProgramFiles%\FolderName* [*]</pattern>

    If I have this pattern in an exclude, I find that it isn't excluded. If I change this line to:

    <pattern type="File">C:\Program Files\FolderName* [*]</pattern>

    Then it works.

    Monday, June 10, 2013 6:33 PM