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  • In our network, the users are usually away from their computers to do their job on the floor. When they leave, they are trained to lock their computers or have an auto lock after a period of time. Every 90 days the users passwords change. Our programs here need modifications to it from time to time and must be done using the USERS log in, not the administrators. With the users being away from the computers so much and passwords changing often, it makes it hard on the IT department to update the users. The IT department has the ability to change the users password and then log in, but this causes security problems when leaving the new password on the piece of paper and tracking down the users is time consuming. Is there a way to log on as the user "Bob" while using the administrators login "ITman" in some manor like Doman\ITman\Bob | ITman's password. I would figure that there should be some way of doing this since the IT guy already has the right to login to the machine as the administrator, and the rights to change the password of Bob and can then log in as Bob. Even if a notification pops up telling Bob that the IT guy was on his machine, that's OK, I'm just trying to speed things up without causing problems for anyone. Keep in mind, this is NOT the need of logging in as an administrator, I need to log in as the end user. Thanks a lot in advance.
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