VPN Stopped working after update


  • I use the Widows 10 VPN to connect to my server a work. Some time ago it just stopped connecting.  I have gone online to different forums to no avail.  I even did a clean install of Windows 10 figuring my computer was corrupted in some way again to no avail.  I am very frustrated and as such contacted our IT person who worked tirelessly on my computer to make it connect and he also was not able to do so.  I tried almost every fix that I found out there but I still cannot connect.  I have a Lenovo Think Pad using Intel Core i&-6600U CPUn2.60 GHz, 64 Bit OS.  Windows 10 Pro Version 1803.  Is there anyone out there who has the same problem or has found the solution to this problem
    Thursday, November 1, 2018 9:47 AM

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