Backup Error -- Object Search Service Application failed in event OnBackup


  • Hi,

    When I am trying to perform a full backup from central admin logged in as a farm admin account, the process fails with below error:

    Object Search Service Application failed in event OnBackup. For more information, see the spbackup.log or sprestore.log file located in the backup directory. 
    	FaultException: Management called failed with System.InvalidOperationException: 'Job failed: Have tried to perform backup/restore operation twice on all in-sync members in cluster SPca4ba6b81d08.0, but none succeeded. Last failure message: Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.SnapshotTransferException: Could not prepare first phase backup snapshot 
       at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.SnapshotSender.FirstPhaseTransfer(ISeedSource source, ISeedTarget target, Action`1 updateProgress, Func`1 shouldAbort) 
       at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.BackupWorker.BackupWork.DoFirstPhaseWork()' at    at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.IndexController.BackupService.ThrowOnFailure(JobStatus status) 
       at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.IndexController.BackupService.ProgressFirstPhase(String handle) 
       at Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.IndexController.IndexControllerManagementAgent.WrapCall[T](Func`2 original)

    It worked until last month and I did not tweak any of the account permissions to the accounts itself or the backup directory. Any thoughts or pointers?

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