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  • I'm just now getting into UAG and I don't have a DEV / TEST environment going yet, but I'm reading that if we use UAG's WFLB technology users sessions will be migrated over to other UAG servers in the farm seemlessly.  Otherwise, if we use a third party (Cisco LB for example) the users will have to re-authenticate should a UAG server drop out.

    Is this true, am I understanding this correctly?

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 7:50 PM


  • Hi MRMO,

    By default, UAG does not share sessions between array members and in case you are using UAG array and one of the servers become unavailabole, the users will have to re-authenticate when they will hit a new server.

    You may, however, implement a cross site SSO, as documented here:


    This may eliminate the need to re-authenticate when users switch from one UAG server to other.



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