Folder Redirection and Desktop Background Issues


  • Hi guys,

    I am currently trying out a windows server test environment. The scenario I am working to is a school. Students and teachers both have a central store where they can store their own files. To create the users own folders in the relevant location I have set the users home folder to \\WINSRV-2012-R2\StudentStore\%username%.

    To make sure they have access StudentStore is shared with the Students group (which all students are a member of). I have set it so the permissions to this folder are not passed onto the subfolders (the students individual file stores). I have then mapped the students drive to their home directory. The result is that each student has a mapped drive to their storage location. The students can access the StudentStore folder, however the only thing they can see within is there own folder, none of the other students show.

    What I want to do next is folder redirection for the users documents. I have tried to use the GPO folder redirection. I set it to basic and the pointed the folder to redirect to, to \\WINSRV-2012-R2\StudentStore\$username% which is there home folder that was set up using the steps above. However this doesn't seem to be working. The documents in the students documents are not redirecting to their StudentStore folder. The users have full permissions over their individual files within StudentStore.

    As well I have implemented separate desktop backgrounds for teachers and students. This is working fine. However when I create a new user the desktop background is not applied upon the first logon. The first logon uses the default Windows 7 wallpaper, after logging off of and back in again its still the default, after another logoff the wallpaper is then applied. Is there any reason behind this? I have manually set the registry changes for the wallpaper to \\WINSVR-2012-R2\StudentStore\students.jpg for the wallpaper background.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance.


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