SQL SERVER 2008 SSRS Can't deploy the report which built on the SAP HANA DATABSE?


  • Hi everyone:

        I take the report based on the HANA DATABASE. The Architecture is SSRS to ODBC to HANA Database (32bit drvier, because 64bit can't work.)   However ,it 's very confused that I tested the example sucessfully from ReportBuider and show the correct data.

      When I deployed the report into the Report Server, it shows that error message and can't find the DSN name i set in ODBC.

    ERROR [IM014] [Microsoft][ODBC 驱动程序管理器] 在指定的 DSN 中,驱动程序和应用程序之间的体系结构不匹配
    无法与数据源“HDB”建立连接。 (rsErrorOpeningConnection)
    处理报表时出错。 (rsProcessingAborted)

    Env: SQL SERVER 2008 64bit CN version.

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