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  • Hi I want to know if there is a guide for technicians to estimate just how long it might take to do a paticular job. I want to know so that I may write a proposal for a office setup. I need to setup a office using this senario this will be my first time for a job of this size this is why I need some help thank you.

    A professional IT person who is a Microsoft Network Administrator who can do the following:Select (we will purchase) and install the proper server to use MS Server2003, with exchange server, in order for us to
    1 - host our e-mails here, rather than at the remote (some host company)
    2 - be able to see our e-mails on a shared server rather than having them resident on our c: drives
    3 - be able to see each others calendars
    4 - be able to access our system from remote site
    5 - Advise if we can/should host our own website here on our server
    6 - select and arrange for remote site backup with some reputable company
    7 - upgrade current group of 5 desktops if they are not up to speed and reload (clone) MS Office 2003, Knowledgepoint
    8 - some sort of recommendation regarding virus protection at the server.
    9 - Install Windows XP Pro on one computer and clone all the desktops to be identical
    10 - Trouble shoot some issues we are having with Outlook, Possible troubleshoot of current printers so that all are accessible on all machines including two laptops

    If there is some sort of estimated time allowed that would be all that I need
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  • Hi,

    I have moved your thread here for the time being, as the announcements forum was not an appropriate place for it. This isn't really the right place either, but that's only because there are not many TechNet forums on this site right now. You should post your questions in one of the established forums at , so that you can get an answer. You might start with one of the Exchage Server forums, since most of your questions revolve around Exchange.

    Thanks for trying out our new forums!
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