Different results when entering Actual Work in timescale section RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    We are running MS Project Server 2013.  We are testing and documenting various progression methods for our user base. Even though it is not our recommendation to our users (they don't use PWA), we are including Assignment level tracking in MS Project Pro by month (we get the actual work hours from a time reporting system). 

    Two of us, using the same file, are entering Actual Work in the timescale section by month for resource assignments and are getting different results.  We have all the same project file options set.  We are suspecting it could a user setting but unsure of where to look.  The example in MS Project Professional 2013 below:

    Task with one assignment is to start on 3/15/17.  Status date is set to 03/31/17. 

    Work did not start as of 03/31/17 for an assignment.  In MS Project Pro, enter 0 in the March 2017 column in the timescale section for this resource assignment.  Basically, pushing the work out in to future months.

    One of us gets an Actual Start date populated of 03/15/17 for the assignment and the task.

    One of us does not get an Actual Start date populated and the Start date for the assignment is set to 4/3/17 (after Status Date) which is what we would expect, although, the task Start date remains at 3/15/17.

    We understand that with one resource assignment, we could use Update Project to move the task and assignment forward to 4/3/17.  But, when we have a task with multiple assignments, this is an issue.

    And, anyway, we do want to understand why two users, same file on the server get these two different results.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks, Monika


    Thursday, June 22, 2017 2:17 PM