Policy to set Site to Zone not working?


  • Hi,

    Using Windows 7 Pro desktops with IE 11.  I have created a policy to set a number of policies for Internet Explorer, however, I'm not seeing that they are being implemented. 

    When I perform a gpresult /r I don't see my policy listed.  I have the policy linked to the OU where my user object is located and Security Filtering contains a security group for which my user is a member, which is similar to other policies that are being applied correctly.

    Digging further I found that under User Configuration | Preferences | Control Panel Settings | Internet Settings there is one entry for Internet Explorer 8.  Interestingly enough, when I log on to a computer that still has IE9 installed the policy is being implemented.  Guessing 9 must be close enough to 8 to allow this.

    But when I right-click and say New, my options only include IE 5 and 6, 7 and 8.  Thinking this is filtering my policy how do I get IE 11 in the list to use?  Or if I simply remove the IE8 reference will it will work for all versions?

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    Thursday, August 18, 2016 4:23 PM


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  • Internet Explorer Site to Zone Assignment mappings for User policy are handled in a different place from where you indicated in your post.  They are handled here:

    User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page

    Note: I realize you're talking about user policy here but there is an equivalent path under computer policy as well.

    Best Regards, Todd Heron | Active Directory Consultant

    Friday, August 19, 2016 4:03 AM
  • I'm sorry Todd, been so busy that I thought I had replied to this.  I do have the Site to Zone Assignment set as you described. But that doesn't seem to be helping.  I still don't see the zone being set and I can still manually change the zone.

    When I run gpresult /r I don't see the policy listed under Applied Group Policy Objects.

    I have the policy linked to the OU where my user object resides and I'm filtering on a security group that only has my user object as a member.  WMI Filtering is set to None, the policy is Enabled but not Enforced.

    Not sure what else to look at.



    Monday, August 29, 2016 3:10 PM
  • Hi Linn,
    According to your description, you have use security filtering function in the GPO, in this case, you might need check the following article:
    MS16-072: Security update for Group Policy: June 14, 2016
    In addition, please have a try to use group policy preference and see if it works. You could follow the details step by step according to the blog as below:
    Group Policy – Internet Explorer Security Zones
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
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    Thursday, September 01, 2016 1:34 AM