"Default Programs" icons out of whack RRS feed

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  • Hi folks,


    What the heck is going on here?


    This morning I installed MS Office 2007 Ultimate (using a custom install, so that several apps are installed on first opening, and Visio Viewer is not installed). Until now I had been looking at DOCs with WordPad, so I opened the change default programs window, and went to "Associate a File Type with a Specific Program." Then I clicked DOC and then "Other Programs," to find Word from the list. Here's what I got:


    - Instead of MS Office 2007 Picture Manager, I had some kind of system check icon (yellow triangle w/ exclamation point on a monitor, and a green checkmark)

    - Instead of Windows Calendar's icon, I had some kind of picture manager icon -- maybe for Media Center.

    - Instead of Media Center's icon, I had MS Word 2007's

    - Instead of Word's icon, I had a power manager battery icon

    - Instead of MS Paint's, I had Back Up & Restore's icon


    There was another icon below the scroll, but I couldn't reproduce it after I changed the doc type to Word, so I don't know what it was.


    Incidentally, I wanted to upload a small JPG, but can't figure out how. Annoying, if understandable.


    I'm not concerned, since it no longer appears to be happening, but it was worth reporting.



    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 10:16 PM