Few Questions on Exchange 2007 RRS feed

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    1. How does exchange 2007 support multiple business, and what is ment by that?

    2. Why are implicit SMTP (Send ) connectors created when exchange is installed?

    3. Does single instance storage support all types of clustering? Meaning since a user
    account is in a mailbox store if you enable any cluestering, will that user still have SIS enabled?

    4. What is the difference between explicit and implicit SMTP send connectors?

    5. Are any smtp send connectors created when doing a new install of an exchange server?
    (not joining to any exchang servers in the environment).

    6. when using on-demand message conversion, are messages sent within the same orginization (Exchange server 1 to exchange sever 2) "converted" or remapped to support a different
    character set? assuming all users are using outlook?
    Monday, April 7, 2008 5:27 AM