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  • a) What the recommendation on - How many drives ( along with their approx size ) a FAST Server should have to hold Indexes of 1 TB of databases ? Drives size should consider FAST Installation , FAST Deployment files, Configuration files , Components , Indexes etc.

    b) Can we  have Query SSA on WFE Role of SharePoint 2010 Farm. We have 3 WFE Server in our Farm  ? If not What is the recommendation on How Content SSA, Query SSA should be placed in Farm . For example answer may be 2 WFE , 1 APP for Query  SSA , 1 for Content SSA , 1 For Other SharePoint Services Apps + Central Admin .


    c) We are planning to have 2 FAST Servers in Multi-Server Mode . In that case , what is the recommendation on What FAST Components to be there on each FAST Server ?Consider , We need High availability for Indexing and Query Components


    Vipin Kumar Tanwar ( Technology Architect )
    Wednesday, December 8, 2010 6:02 AM

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  • a)

    You should take a look at the whitepaper "FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint Capacity Planning" and the Farm Topology at Technet.

    On page 25 they have a sample corpus of 8.8 million items, which requires 2.2TB storage in the SharePoint Content Database. The same data requires 75GB for FiXML storage, 251GB for the index, and 41GB for "other" data. Total of 367GB. In addition the crawl database takes 16.7GB for the corpus tested on and 1GB for the log, both which are stored in the SQL database.

    So in the scenario they have with 2.2TB of data, the index size is 367GB (+17GB on the SQL server).

    The whitepaper also have numbers using both SAS disks and SSD disks which could be interesting to you.

    Typically you would run RAID1 on the OS drive and RAID5 on the data. If you can use 15.000rpm drives instead of 10.000rpm drives, that would also help during heavy indexing and searching.

    The exact hw setup should reflect the indexing and query usage.


    You can have the Query SSA on a several machines but as noted on Technet this is usually not needed. In most cases you would have more than one Query SSA for failover. The Query SSA is merely a proxy and most work is done on the FAST server. So place it on any one of your WFE's. As for the Content SSA, what it does is handling the data pulldown from the source. The actual processing is also done on the FAST server. So you could place the Content SSA on one of your WFE's as well, or on a Apps server with other apps.


    If you need high availability, then you should have duplicates of both content and query services on both servers. If you don't feed as often, then you might opt to only index on one machine, but have both do queries. At there's a scenario with 4 servers which outlines distribution of components.

    Mikael Svenson


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    Wednesday, December 8, 2010 9:01 AM