2008R2, TLS1.2 and FTPS


  • There is a bug in TLS1.2 on FTP in 2008R2 and file uploads.  It is the same issue in 2012 servers, but that has been addressed with a hotfix:

    However the hotfix only deals with the 2012 servers, and not the 2008R2 servers.   Who do we contact to see if the hotfix can be extended backwards to cover 2008R2 servers?

    The conditions to make this error occur are:

    Set the server to use the TLS1.2 protocol, via registry \SCHANNEL\Protocols\... changes

    Use an FTP client to connect via FTPS and TLS1.2 (filezilla), and upload a file.  It will fail with FTP error message: as described in the hotfix above.

    How do I get some attention on this issue please?  thanks


    Wednesday, March 05, 2014 12:42 PM

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