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  • Hello! i'm new here, i don't speak english very well, but i'll try to explain my problem:

    * I had formatted the computer, to this way stay fast and clean, before freezing.
    * Then configure the computer, install drivers, programs....
    * I gave a password to the first user, (the user is administrator type) Example. -User: Jose -Password: jose (the name is the pass on my job)
    * Then log on as "administrator", to this way install windows steady state on this session and configure the restrictions for the user Jose.
    * Finished the installation, i open the program (windows steady state), the user or profile Jose appears on the rigth side, but here is the problem, when i click on the profile, ask me for a password profile. This message appears exactly: "Para inicializar este perfil, es necesario especificar la contraseña de Jose. Escriba la contraseña:" ("To initialize this profile, you must especify the password for Jose. Enter the password")
    * I enter "jose" when ask me for a password profile (because when i login as Jose the password is "jose"), and then show the message error: "no se ha encontrado el elemento" ("element was not found").

    Well, thats my problem, and i would be grateful if you help me. Thanks!

    Agustin Campos Cervera
    Thursday, June 25, 2009 2:08 PM


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