Surface Pro 3 stuck trying to reboot


  • My Surface Pro 3 was taking ages to reboot (circle of dots spinning for ages). So I went into safe mode. It recommends I go to the Microsoft site at recoverykeyfaq and suggests I enter the key ID.

    My machine is domain joined but I am not on the network as I can't boot and even if I were I am at home so can't get to the domain

    The bitlocker options don't give me anywhere to enter the Key id. I don't have a backup of the recovery key (it wasn't given to me) and even if I try to choose the reset my pc option it asks for the Windows installation or recovery media. Which I also don't have.

    I would have hoped that bitlocker recovery on the URL above would have given me a way to enter the key Id to unlock bitlocker!??

    Friday, March 2, 2018 8:12 PM

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