Can we direct NDRs back to a non exchange mailer on our network RRS feed

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  • We are trying to configure our exchange environment to handle messages sent from a unix mailer on our network.  This works fine (we have allowed the unix box to  relay through our E2k3 BH server and messages are delivered.  But we need NDRs (messages sent from the mailer to be returned to the mailer to update a table to prevent future mailings) and the messages are not being routed back to the Mailer. 

    We created an SMTP connector on our E2k3 BH pointing at the IP of our unix box and have a DNS entry pointing mailer.domain.com towards this unix server IP.  Mailer.domain.com is an accecpted domain on exchange and a registered domain for us on the internet.  If the recipient address fails lookup on our outermost appliance and the NDR is generated and sent back to our E2k3 server -at which point we expect it to be routed through the SMTP connector to the IP of our Unix mailer.  It is not delivered it is SMTP: message submitted to advanced queuing/SMTP:Started message submission to advanced queuing/ SMTP:message submitted to catagorizer/SMTP:Message catagorized and queued for routing/ SMTP: Message Sent to BadMail  the message is not in the e2k3 (sp1) queue -as expected, but is not belivered throught the SMTP connector to the UNIX box to update the distribution table. 

    This configuration worked (6months ago but the project was tabled) and now that it is active again we need it implimented yesterday.  Please assist with any ideas or suggestions you may have to get this working. 


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  • Message Sent to BadMail  the message is not in the e2k3 (sp1) queue -as expected

    I hope that was a typo, since SP2 has been out for 7 years.

    Martina Miskovic

    Friday, November 9, 2012 11:54 AM