AD Users not showing in lookup field


  • Hi All

    I have a Request Offering with a lookup field that returns AD Users, so you can log this request on behalf of someone else. 

    This particular field seems to be omitting people without any reason that I can see. Currently I have it filtered on AD User -> Title must not be blank.

    A certain user is not showing up in the list, despite all the attributes in their AD object being present. This happens seemingly at random for a couple of users.

    I removed all filtering from the field, so that it would display all AD User objects - and this person still did not appear in the results.

    I have checked the Config Items and this person IS present as a user in the CMDB and the title is present in the record in SCSM.

    can anyone offer any suggestions on what to check? i would like to avoid recreating the request offering from scratch or anything like that.

    Thursday, June 14, 2018 5:02 AM

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