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    After applying KB4558753 (UR2) over last weekend to bring my version to 10.19.1035.101, I have noticed an oddity that started yesterday. Usually what happened, a service ticket would come in and go right to "in progress". Now, tickets come in and go to the status of "submitted". I got it to work on some tickets because the workflow appeared to be stuck by running the powershell script : 

    Stop-Service HealthService ; Stop-Service OMCFG; Stop-Service OMSDK
    Get-Service HealthService,omcfg,omsdk;
    $SMFolder = (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\System Center\2010\Common\Setup").InstallDirectory
    Start $SMFolder
    del "C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager\Health Service State\*"
    Start-Service OMSDK ; Start-Service OMCFG; Start-Service HealthService

    This allowed us to complete some tickets. Well actually, we can complete all of the tickets now. I would just like to have the tickets switch back to the status of "in progress" like they used to.

    I used the sql script to check the delay on the workflows:

    -- Use ServiceManager
    -- Select Name, is_broker_enabled from sys.databases Where name = 'ServiceManager'
    -- Line above added because it needs to be 1 or some stuff will not run.  Confirm is_broker_enabled set to 1
    -- Select above is remarked out because it is not directly related to the purpose of this blog posting.
    -- SubscriptionStatus.sql    -- Workflow / subscription status 
    Use ServiceManager
     DECLARE @MaxState INT, @MaxStateDate Datetime, @Delta INT, @Language nvarchar(3)
     SET @Delta = 0
     SET @Language = 'ENU'
     SET @MaxState = (
        SELECT MAX(EntityTransactionLogId)
        FROM EntityChangeLog WITH(NOLOCK)
     SET @MaxStateDate = (
     SELECT TimeAdded 
     FROM EntityTransactionLog
     WHERE EntityTransactionLogId = @MaxState
        LT.LTValue AS 'Display Name',
      S.State AS 'Current Workflow Watermark',
     @MaxState AS 'Current Transaction Log Watermark',
     DATEDIFF(mi,(SELECT TimeAdded 
         FROM EntityTransactionLog WITH(NOLOCK)
         WHERE EntityTransactionLogId = S.State), @MaxStateDate) AS 'Minutes Behind',
     R.RuleName AS 'MP Rule Name',
        MT.TypeName AS 'Source Class Name',
        S.LastModified AS 'Rule Last Modified',
     S.IsPeriodicQueryEvent AS 'Is Periodic Query Subscription', --Note: 1 means it is a periodic query subscription
        R.RuleEnabled AS 'Rule Enabled', -- Note: 4 means the rule is enabled
     FROM CmdbInstanceSubscriptionState AS S WITH(NOLOCK)
        ON S.RuleId = R.RuleId
     LEFT OUTER JOIN ManagedType AS MT
        ON S.TypeId = MT.ManagedTypeId
     LEFT OUTER JOIN LocalizedText AS LT
     ON R.RuleId = LT.MPElementId
        S.State <= @MaxState - @Delta 
     AND R.RuleEnabled <> 0 
     AND LT.LTStringType = 1
     AND LT.LanguageCode = @Language
     AND S.IsPeriodicQueryEvent = 0
     /* to look at a specific workflow uncomment on of the following */
     -- AND LT.LTValue  LIKE '%Test%' 
     -- AND S.RuleId='1D74409B-B2D9-8C45-6702-AB8C94AA0694'  -- aka Display Name="New Change Request Workflow"'
     ORDER BY S.State Asc 

    there is a no greater than 5 minutes behind value. so the workflows appear to be firing correctly. Any ideas what I am missing or is it just cosmetic? 

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