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  • Hi! I have a very simple question - how can I sync my contacts from outlook to my windows mobile device? I'm using vista home premium and Outlook from Office 2007 Prof. package, the device which I'm trying to sync with is HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile 6. I'm aware that there are many solutions to this,but none of them work.
    First one,most obvious - I connect my device to the computer, Windows Mobile Device Center pops up,and then I press sync. It syncs all my contacts(over 350), but..... most of them are missing telephone numbers! I opened outlook to see what is wrong with these contacts and they all have telephone numbers saved under "Other telephone number" field. This field doesn't seem to exist on windows mobile,and so it doesn't display these numbers. All my contacts were synced from my old nokia n80 rynning symbian,and I don't know why would symbian save numbers under "Other telephone number field".

    Second solution I found - through windows live. I export contacts from outlook as CSV and then try uploading them to windows live. It doesn't work,my windows live account displays an error "specified file is empty" and I'm sure it's not, as it imports nicely to another outlook program.

    Through gmail (sync my nokia with my gmail account,and then wm device with gmail) -also doesn't work, when synced to wm device,numbers for all contacts appear under "notes" field,which is even worse,as I can't dial them directly.

    Also,I found a program called "Data fields manager for outlook" which can move automatically all numbers from "Other telephone number" to any other field. But it's not free - they ask 90$ for it.

    Please help,I really need a way to sync my contacts!!!!!!!
    Monday, April 13, 2009 6:27 PM