puting a jpeg on my signiture e-mail page pleaase RRS feed

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  • Why is this takinig me 4 hours to get an answer

    Sunday, June 10, 2012 7:12 AM

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  • Why is this takinig me 4 hours to get an answer

    You must remember that a lot of volunteers answer the questions in the forum. So with that in mind, after reading my reply below, I would like you to come round to my house and give me a haircut if you’re a barber or build a new brick wall if you’re a builder.

    However, you haven’t said which email client you’re using so I’ll guess at these:

    Below is a simple specimen signature, based on my own, in HTML. It shows an image (jpg, gif, etc.), which could be a logo, picture, avatar, etc. on the left with text on the right. Open Notepad and copy all the text into it. Now edit it to suit your personal details, i.e. change the image (<img src….) and email link (<a href….) lines, or remove them. Also change other attributes or remove them. Save the file with a meaningful name, e.g. signature01.html, preferably in its own folder, e.g. c:\signatures. Also, any pictures you intend to use should be saved in this folder.

    Open the mail program, hold down both Ctrl and Shift and press O for Options then the Signatures Tab > Put ticks in ‘Add signatures to….’ and perhaps ‘Don’t add….’ then New > File (at the bottom) and Browse to the name of your file (make sure the drop-down menu points to HTML Files) then Apply/OK your way out. You can look at it offline by double-clicking the filename, but it is best to send an email to yourself to make sure it displays correctly, e.g. the size of the image, wording, etc. Here is the specimen code, which is about 1KB in size:

    <table width="100%" border=0 cellpadding=15 cellspacing=0>
    <td valign=top width="14%" align=left>
    <table width="100" border=0>
    <!--- COMMENT, change images (img src), text, font, colour, size and email address below --->
    <img src="c:\signatures\mypic.gif">
    <td valign=top width="86%">
    <B><font face="times new roman, verdana, arial" color=blue size=5>
    John William Smith</B><BR>
    <font color=black size=3>

    Alternative email: <a href="nameXthing.commailto:nameXthing.com">nameXthing.com</a><BR>
    or you can use my Hotmail, Facebook,<BR>
    Messenger or Skype accounts/IDs.<BR>
    Daytime telephone 0123 456 7890<BR>

    2. OUTLOOK 2010
    Using a program like Word, create your signature, which can include text, pictures, hyperlinks, etc. Press Ctrl+A (to select all of it), then press Ctrl+C (to copy it). Now go to Outlook > Options > Mail (in the left pane) > Signatures (alongside Create or modify signature) > New > type a name for the signature > OK. Now press Ctrl+V (to paste your signature) into the box and click Save. You can create multiple signatures to be used for different purposes.

    The Alternative email line is not displaying properly. The two Xs must be replaced with @ signs to make it work. Further edit. The line is still not displaying properly, if you wish to include it in your signature, just ask here and I'll list it for you in some other way.

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