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  • Hi everyone

    Im currently working within a school, and one of the things that has been t brought to our attention is the change from live@edu to office 365. we previously had a company in who did our original installation around a year ago of live@edu which was before i actually started working with the school. Recently the same company told us that office 365 would require some changes on our end such as small server upgrades to run the new tools and of course FIM to manage the sync between the our domain and office 365. After a long talk about the changes need and how they would do so they deciede to tell us the price tag on the work which was a little under £15000 for around 2 days work migrating the system over and make sure it worked.

    Now im not an expert but for a medium sized school I cant even consider paying this ammount to migrate. So heres my question, how much work is actually involved in migrating from live@edu to office 365 and ensuring this works. I believe i can take a few options some of the main variables of these seem to be weather i want to keep users and what they have stored on things like outlook and skydrive, or weather im willing to loose all that and begin afresh. And the more i think about it, starting afresh always sounds nice.

    Weve been speaking to other companies who tell us they can half this cost but the constant thought is in my mind of why cant i do the migration myself. I feel like im being backed into a corner with migrating and im not actually sure what information im getting from the numerous people im speaking to is right.

    Id just like to talk a few others who may have been in a similar situation, or have anyone who can offer advice or maybe share a resource which will help me in performing the upgrades needed myself.


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