Unique schedules for different directories or different protection groups for one disk


  • Hi,

    There is a file server, with disk D. It has different directories: d:\ Folder1, d:\ Folder2, d:\ Foldre3. Directories has different size and importance. I need different schedule for each of them.
    Is it really impossible to create a separate security group in DPM with its own schedule, for each directory on one partition. I can not create another (custom) protection group for d:\ folder01, because d:\ Folder01, d:\ Folder02 are in one of the protection groups.
    «Other items on the datasource are a member of another protection group»

    Or can not do, a unique schedule for each directory in one protection group.
    In general, all the directories are very large and I do not need to perform a backup of ALL, every day, but only Folder01. Folder02 and Folder03 I want back up every week.

    Tell me maybe I'm wrong :)

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 3:38 PM