Customize the standard CRM Online / SharePoint Online server based integration


  • Hi all,


    I’d like to customize the standard CRM Online / SharePoint Online server based integration.

    This is my goal:

    Instead of using the default folder structure, I’m planning to create a SharePoint Site Collection for every Account in CRM. Next, I’d like to point the CRM document location for a specific account to the related SP Site Collection.


    So far so good. I created the SP Site Collection and created the following records in CRM:

    SharePoint Site:

    Document location pointing to the root of the document library:

    After doing the I can find the documents, stored in the library in the related SP Site Collection, by using the standard ‘Documents’ button in CRM.


    But, when now the related records.

    I configured the standard CRM/SP integration to use the ‘Account’ entity as parent entity (folder structure based on account enitity).


    So I was expecting when I navigate in CRM to a related contact person CRM would create a “contact” folder and “Contact Person” folder in SP and create the Document Locations.


    But when I navigate to a contact person and click ‘Documents’ in the navigation the following error appears:


    Can anyone help me out?

    Thursday, June 9, 2016 1:21 PM