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    I recently bought a laptop (Toshiba Satellite P300-28H) which has intel's GM45 Express chipset and the controller ICHM-E/M SATA AHCI. I have Intel Matrix Console v8.0.0.1039 installed. The ICH has the latest version of the driver installed, v8.8.0.1009 . Since i can't describe the problem in a better way than others have already done, i'll just quote a post in which you can find a detailed description. I'm giving the link of the thread too. Excuse me for providing with you all the above tecnical characteristics in a quite straightforward manner. I hope that someone can and will provide me with a solution or any kind of help. I'm not a pc expert and i'm just starting to realise the problem i'm facing. Thank you in advance.


    ''On a brand new core2-quad P35 chipset machine with 4GB ddrII, with a completely clean install of Vista 32 business, I have been suffering intermittent global stuttering. It affects not only audio (of any sort, through any player, whether or not dsp-enhanced) but also video (you can see it in screen saver motion, for instance) and even cursor or mouse movement (hit and hold the spacebar in a text editor and watch the stuttering fun begin!). It's intermittent but not random; that is, it can disappear for a while after I apply one of my stab-in-the-dark fixes (read on) but can come back and then generally remains until I re-apply a fix. It's been like this since about day 1. Well, maybe day 2 or 3.


    I've seen so many variants of this problem posted in so many forums, with so many theories, that I could spend the next three months doing nothing but troubleshooting it, assuming I had the budget and time to try endless substitute components or re-builds from scratch, but there's no assurance any or all of that would actually fix it. I do have the Intel Storage Matrix AHCI drivers pre-installed, and Intel itself vaguely alludes to possible  'degraded performance in Vista' with regard to those drivers--is this what they're talking about? They don't say. I do have an Nvidia 8800gts, and Nvidia forums are full of complaints about unacceptable issues with their video drivers, but again it's vague, no smoking gun for global stuttering. I have tried THREE different audio configurations--the onboard realtek hi-def; an x-fi elite; and a c-media based Omega Claro card. I have the problem with all of them. Discovering how musical the c-media card is was a happy accidental side effect of this miserable odyssey, but it really just makes it more frustrating, since I now want to listen to music more than ever but can't find a permanent solution to this vexing problem.


    One of the weirdest symptoms is that the stuttering can re-appear (if it has been gone for a few days) just by connecting an external SATA drive, even if the drive is not turned on! Equally weird: simply going into the BIOS and just looking, changing nothing, exiting without saving, can cause it to reappear upon re-boot!''





    Sunday, December 13, 2009 1:27 AM