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    I am trying to understand the currency conversion but facing some problems in the same.The more I am tring to understand that the more confused am i getting.


    My requirement is specific. I am trying to write sql queries for the measures which come under the scope of currency conversion.


    I will query the Cube to get the measure value :


    SELECT [Measures].[Sales Amount] on 0 from [Adventure Works DW]


    And then query the SQL database as:


    Use AdentureWorksDW

    SELECT SUM(SalesAmount) FROM FactInternetSales


    My understanding is this ( Please correct me if i am wrong) :


    If the Currency conversion is:


    1. Many to One : Data will be different (in SQL and MDX) as currency conversion is applied which will convert that to a particular (Corporate) currency.


    2. One To many : Data will not be different (in SQL and MDX)


    2. Many to many :  Data will not be different (in SQL and MDX)



    I did not get much information on the same from anywhere. I want to undersatnd the script of the Currency conversion. (The script generated by Currency conversion wizard) and then depending on the script (I will extract the Type of conversion) write the SQL for that.



    Girija Shankar



    Friday, May 16, 2008 10:39 AM

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