The chinese language pack has been installed in the OS, but In the eventviewer, the setup log shows that " in the current state is installed ,target state is absent"


  • Hi All

          I customized an ISO about windows storage server 2012 , and i use the dism /addpackage command to install a chinese language package to the ISO's install.wim, there is no error occured when install it by dism tool, then I use the ISO to install the OS. when i log in the OS the first time ,I change the language to the chinese simple, it seems like everything is ok, None error occur. but i found some information from the setup log in the eventlog viewer, it's said that "Initiating changes for package SP1 Language Pack. Current state is Installed.Target state is Absent", another log says that"A reboot is necessary before package SP1 Language Pack can be changed to the Abesent state "  ,then I reboot the system. when the system ready, I log in the OS again ,I found the system had changed to the Englinsh , I also found the chinese simple language had been changed to be not availiable in the language setting's UI . How can I handle this issue?could  anyone help me? Thanks first!Looking forward to your help~~~  

    Friday, November 01, 2013 7:08 AM