Get list of documents within sharepoint 2001 to compare against migrations attempts within sharepoint 2003,2007,2010. RRS feed

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  • I am working on a large SPS2001 document library migration.  I have used the spout.exe and spin.exe migration tools to move the content from sharepoint 2001 to sharepoint 2003.  Then, I use inplace upgrade to move to sharepoint 2007.

    Looking at just the document counts coming out of the migration tools and the sites themselves do not provide a high level of confidence that all the documents made it through the migration.  The document count within sharepoint 2001 is vastly different from the document counts coming out of sp2003/sp2007.  sp2003/sp2007 is reporting more documents within its document library than the source sps2001 document library--all the while having some known missing documents...

    I am not aware of a method within Sharepoint 2001 for me to enumerate all of the documents within the library.  The web search does provide a method of searching for all files with a filesize>0, but the results are paginated and come in at most 200 items a page.  I have not gone to the effort of writing a web scraper to create a list this this web search mechanism.

    Additionally, I have tried using the webdav interface to sharepoint 2001 and sharepoint 2003/2007. Going to network places, and adding the url to the document share, provides browsing capabilities, but I can't access the webdav interface using command line tools.  Making it hard to produce a complete list of all the documents within the document library.

    The migration process over all is working for me.  The issue is, I have no real way to validate that each and every document within the sharepoint 2001 site exists within the newly migrated site.

    Anyone have any suggestions or tools on how to go about validating the documents actually made it all the way through the migration?

    Thank you!

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