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  • I am a current Windows 7 user and am looking to install Windows 8 on my laptop in a separate partition in order to use both Operating Systems as I have need.

    In order to save space on the hard drive I would like to not have to reinstall every application to use it on both. For instance Office and Visual Studio I use every day. I would like them on Both 8 & 7 however it makes little sense to purchase the application for both.

    If I were to setup Windows 8 on it's own partition, would I be able to simply browse to the Windows 7 location and pin the application to the task bar or desktop?

    Or would I be able to go through the installation Wizard again and set the installation directory as the current existing one and it would recognize the files as already there and just write out the necessary registry settings?

    Monday, August 19, 2013 2:57 PM