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  • We made the big mistake of configuring a WINDOWS-10 VM to allow for Remote Desktop Connections.  We are unable to disassociate the VM from RDM.  We can no longer access the VM!!!  The following is the pertinenet information:

    1. Server is running Windows-10 Professional 64 with Hyper-V installed.
    2. VM is Windows-10 Professional 64.
    3. In VM allowed Remote Desktop Connections.
    4. From server successfully connected to VM via RDM.
    5. Closed RDM connection.  Unable to access VM.
    6. Turned off VM from Hyper-V Manager.
    7. Attempted to restart VM, unable to connect via Hyper-V from message box the following is displayed:
      Video Remoting was disconnected.  The virtual maching is currently using the Remote X 3D video adapter.  A user is currently connected via Remote Desktop Connect to the virtual machine by using Remote Desktop Connection.
    8. Connected via Remote Desktop Connection.  Attempted to turn off allowing Remote Desktop Connection.  VM hung.
    9. VM Wouldn't turn off via Hyper-V manager.
    10. Shutdown host system and rebooted.
    11. Unable to connect via console or RDM.
    12. Shutdown host system and rebooted.
    13. Deleted VM via Hyper-V Manager.
    14. Restored VM system disk from backup prior to RDM usage.
    15. Created new VM.  the messages in itm 7 above are displayed.

    What can be done to recover?  Why does Hyper-V retain a broken connection?

    Tuesday, June 13, 2017 7:52 PM

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  • Got frustrated trying to find a solution.  By hard learned lessons we have always partitioned disks so that O/S specific items are kept in a separate partition.  We backup up the complete system, restored the system disk from an "old"  backup (Hyper-V and O/S on the system disk/partition), and restored VM disks, and other files that had been updated since the "old" (one week old) backup.

    System is backup and running, but this is a problem that MICROSOFT needs to resolve.  Hopefully, Remote Desktop Connections to Hyper-V VM's can be "gracefully" closed allowing return to the normal VM console.

     DO NOT MARK THIS AS A SOLUTION!!! Being forced to reconstruct a system from backups is not a solution to this problem.
    Wednesday, June 14, 2017 6:23 PM
  • The problem is more serious!!!  We need to create a VM running a 32bit version of windows.  When we create the empty VHD and attempt to load from the DVD Windows-10 32bit, we get errors claiming that there is an existing Remote Desktop Connection.  The small video status window shows that the VM has successfully boot the installer and waiting for user input.

    We have not attempted to create new VM since before Anniversary Edition.  At some point the ability to provision a new VM has been corrupted.

    Does MICROSOFT intend to fix this problem?

    Thursday, June 15, 2017 7:46 PM