Help! Anyone knows where to get documentation for Microsoft Transporter Suite? RRS feed

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  • Issue Description: The NSF files are not being able to migrate to the SharePoint Sites while using the Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino. Though, the final status shows successful, with warning none of the content is migrated to SharePoint. Detailed summary and step by step execution are shown below.

    Q: Need help from anyone who has experience using the Microsoft Transporter Tool to fix the migration issue. We are not sure if there is any other issue with the input we are providing or the configuration of the tool 

    Important Points:

    -          The Account used for accessing the transporter tool is added to the admins' group.

    -          The SharePoint sit name ‘ TestingMigration ‘ is created and accessible from the server.

    -          The server transported tool is installed is a standalone server, with SharePoint configured.

    Summary with screenshots:

    1.        Opened Transporter Management Console For Lotus Domino

    1.        After Entering Password, Objects Start Loading

    1.        Entire Objects are loaded #4992

    1.        Click on the Migrate Selected Application & Click Next

    1.        In the second screen update  -

    1. Target SharePoint site

    2.  Target SharePoint list

    3. Target Mapping 

    4. Target Mode

    1.        Configuration Summary Screen

    1.        Migration In progress

    1.        Migration Completed Successfully, With Warnings, But Content is not Migrated.

    1.        SharePoint site showing content not copied at the destination
    Monday, March 25, 2019 1:39 AM