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  • I have the results on on the difference of the Beta version and the RC1. There are pros and cons on these two versions. I do not have the RC2 version so, I have no results for it, unless if I had that version to test and I would come up with such results to compare it with these two versions as well.

     The beta version was a little tough on installing onto a hard drive based on how it sets itself up. (Not to mention that it would give errors.) After setup, I discovered that it was lacking hardware drivers and the graphics was a major problem where it didn't have the colors that it should have. Many manufacturers did not have the drivers ready for the Vista. The beta version ran smooth and it's functionality was good. So far, there were no bugs except the installment which at times gives errors. Upon installing any current apps, this version would not allow them to install because the apps tries to look for the destined folders to place their files into which causes errors. I rate this version as fair since it runs fast and smooth, but lacks the proper drivers and the set-up is lousy. The lay-outs of the Windows files were not good.

    The RC1 fared well on installment and there were no problems there. After set-up, I noticed that RC1 version acted like a hog and it ran so slow. (another bug there) It did have the necessary drivers for some of the hardware and it was able to accept the current drivers that were made for Windows XP and some of the Windows 2000. As Microsoft stated that it requires at least 512 MB of memory to install this version, however it hogged a good amount of memory and the processing speed. When installing any apps, it took a good considerable amount of time. (slower than Windows XP.) I rate this version as quite poor, but good on set-up.

     For both versions, I find that when you want to install any apps, they tend to block it by fading a bit and asking you if you if you would like to continue installing them a bit of a nuisance, and it really is not necessary to have that feature. It is ok to place it as an option as part of parental control to keep kids from downloading unnecessary apps that are not approved by the parents.

    Out of the combination of the two versions, the beta version should take on a better set-up used by the RC1 and the availability of drivers that are on RC1 as well as the Windows lay-outs in RC1. In doing that, it would turn out to be the best Windows Vista in the beta version ready to go on the market as long it does not create any flaws. The beta format in Internet Explorer 7 and the MSN Live Messenger became available for Windows XP were successful. I tested these two and found that there were no problems and especially if you wanted to take the beta MSN Live Messenger off your computer by uninstalling it, it did turn out smooth without any errors.

    My suggestion would be, let's stick with the Beta format and rip the good stuff out of RC1 and trash the rest of it, put the good stuff in place of the bugs found in the beta version and that should give us a better result without any more headaches.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007 5:50 PM