Infopath 2010 browser enabled form need to save form immediately prior to submission to a different library RRS feed

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    Using SharePoint 2010 and Infopath web browser admin approved forms. I have a big form that will take serveral edits over time via collaboration between two users prior to submission. I use two form libraries say WIP for work in progress and Submitted for submitted forms. There are different access permissions to the two libraries.

    When a user submits a form from the WIP library to the Submitted library I want to set a flag on the WIP form to say submitted=Yes so that if they go back into the original WIP form they cannot submit a second time with the same form. I use this flag field to set a read only view of the form.

    The trouble is that when I set the flag before triggering the submit then the flag is set but the current form is not saved before it is submitted as a new form to the submitted library so the flag never gets set on the current form!

    Ideally I want to force a save to the WIP form immediately prior to a submission but after I set the flag field value. I am having difficulty in finding out how to do this - any suggestions? I realise that submit is a form of save but I want to simply save the current form as part of the submit action. What is happening is that the form is submitted to the other library but THIS form is not saved. I cannot depend on the user to save using the Save button.

    Thursday, November 25, 2010 10:04 PM


  • Don't have English Infopath but will try to explain. You should

    1. Create additional submit connection to save form into WIP.

    2. Configure submit options to submit by custom rules.

    3. Configere custom rules to changing the flag and submit to both locations.

    This is answer your question. But i suggest to redesign this to classic approval workprocess.

    Friday, November 26, 2010 1:16 PM